Since the camera modules are widely used, the technologies and industries develop rapidly and they have become important highly automated equipment in modern manufacturing.

3D Camera for AGV

By utilizing multi-lens system, it can provide the 3D and positioning images to automatic guided vehicle to achieve the automation of manufacturing. It can also provide the AGV visual systems and combine with IoT (Internet of Things) to achieve the information and logistic support integration.


Event-based sensor has successfully overcome the challenges of the ambient lights which normally affect RGB and IR sensor. DVS camera module fits the potential users’ needs when dealing with high illumination and changing light sources. It also provides more stable and trustworthy face recognition system on vehicles.

Bar-code reader camera

Image and laser positioning module offers more accurate and efficient barcode and QR code recognition. The structure of lens image module, layout designed by PCB/ Components and support bracket enables the bar code visual aid system to be integrated in the module.